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Don't post about your trip before traveling.

Safeguard your Home Before your Next Trip

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Summer is finally here and the kids are out of school, which means it’s time to start planning your summer vacation. Are you keeping in mind the proper security your home will need while you’re away? It’s important that you take some time to consider what you would do in case of a burglary and what you can do to prevent it from happening to you. Whether you are going away for a few days or a few weeks, here are steps to safeguard your home.

Safeguarding Tips

  1. Stay off of social media. Announcing that you are going away on vacation or currently on vacation could end up being a big mistake. This allows everyone to know what your travel plans are and that your home may be unoccupied. If you are someone who can’t resist the excitement, then make sure to turn off your location status on any public forum.

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  1. Become close with your neighbors. Let your next door neighbors know that you will be away and ask them to keep a watch on your home. Have them grab your newspaper and mail because a pile of it outside your home is a sure sign of absence, or stop the deliveries completely for the duration of your trip.


  1. Use your locks. Criminals are very good at spotting a hidden spare key. If you must leave a spare key somewhere, then ask your neighbor if you could leave it with them. We recommend getting a quality deadbolt lock, which is the first attempt of stopping an intruder.

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  1. Make it look like someone’s home. A house that looks lived in is less likely to become a target. You can do this by setting timers on lights and noise producing appliances like TVs to give the presence that someone is still around.

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  1. Hide your outdoor valuables. Make sure to place all of your visible and easily accessible belongings, like grills and lawn equipment, into a locked shed.

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  1. And lastly, your car. If you are leaving your car parked in your driveway, make sure you don’t leave the garage door opener inside. This is how many garages get broken into. You can also park your car in the garage to safeguard it from both the elements and theft.

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Have a great summer vacation and talk to your Yetter Insurance Agent about the ways to keep your home safeguarded and properly insured. We’ll help make sure you get the best help possible. Contact Yetter Insurance today at our Milford office at 570-296-8329 or visit




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Boat Insurance for Lake Wallenpaupack, PA residents

Let The Cost of Boat Insurance Sink While You Stay Afloat

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Warmer weather and the boating season are quickly approaching and avid boaters are anxious to get out on the water.  Many boaters don’t even think twice about the importance of proper maintenance before riding the waves. It is important to note that a few maintenance tips can actually reduce the need for costly repairs, extend the life of your boat, help ensure the safety of you and your passengers, and keep your boat insurance low. Don’t miss a second of boat season with these basic boat maintenance tips.

  1. Routine inspection– Stay actively involved in the proper maintenance of your boat. Check all aspects of your craft from fraying ropes to loose fittings and to all other areas that need replacement and special attention. Performing a routine inspection yourself, or having a professional do it, can easily prevent damages from happening to your boat.


  • Check all fluid levels; replace the oil filter, drive lubricants, and engine oil.
  • Check the belts, cables, and hoses. These can become frail and may crack or swell while sitting out during the winter.
  • Inspect the propellers for any dents, pitting, cracks, and distortion.
  • Don’t forget to check your safety gear. Make sure the life jackets are in good condition and that there are enough on your boat for all passengers. Also, be sure all fire extinguishers on board are the correct class and that they are fully charged.


  1. Cleaning and care– Washing your boat regularly, a routine waxing, or the use of anti-fouling paint can prevent long-term environmental wear and tear. Make sure you invest in a cover to keep your boat clean and free from debris such as dirt, bird droppings, water, or falling leaves, all of which can cause damage if left unchecked. A cover can also help prevent UV rays from breaking down hoses and fading carpets and upholstery. Lastly, be sure to clean the deck, topsides, and hull, and make sure the drain plug is securely in place before every launch.


  1. Electrical components– Always keep electrical components dry, since many boat failures occur because of corroded electrical systems. Invest in non-conductive grease, water-repellant, or corrosion inhibitor which can preserve your electrical fittings.


  • Inspect electrical connections for tightness or cleanliness. Charge and keep your battery clean, as dirt and dampness can drain it, and have it tested to ensure it can hold a charge.  You should have your electrical systems regularly inspected by a qualified technician.


  1. Motor maintenance- After every use, flush your engine and look over everything from the clamps on your fuel line for rust, damage or corrosion to your fuel tanks. Also check your oil for proper filtration, cleanliness, and correct levels. Last, but not least, check your engine’s cooling system to make sure it’s functioning correctly.


Talk to your Yetter Insurance Agent about ways to lower your insurance costs regarding these boat maintenance tips. We’ll help make sure you get the best help possible. Contact Yetter Insurance today at our Milford office. Visit or call 570-296-8329.





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Motorcycle Insurance for Pike County, PA, Wayne County, PA, and Orange County, NY

Spring Motorcycle Preparation and Safety Tips

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Spring is here and many of you just want to get on your bike and enjoy the warm weather. Before you do, did you think about preparing your bike for the ride? Preparation can help protect you and everyone else on the road, as well as lengthening the life of your bike. Here are some preparation and safety tips to make your ride as happy and accident free as possible and to help keep your motorcycle insurance premiums at a minimum.

Tips to Prepare your Bike


  • Check the terminal connections to ensure that the cables are tightly attached.
  • Make sure the terminals are free of debris, dust, or corrosion, which can cause poor electrical performance.

Tires and Wheels

  • Since the cold weather causes tires to lose air, you should check for proper tire inflation pressure.
  • Check your tires for wear-and-tear. Keep an eye out for any objects, and cracks or grooves that would require replacement.
  • Make sure you check your owner’s manual to determine the bike’s weight limit, as you don’t want to overload it, which can place stress on the tires.

Oil and Fluid

  • Check to make sure your fuel level isn’t low and that there are no leaks.
  • Check the shaft drive, gear oil, hydraulic fluid, coolant, and engine oil, and replace any fluids that are running low.


  • Ensure the throttle moves freely.
  • Grease all petals and levers to ensure they are not broken.
  • Make sure your bike’s cable doesn’t get in the way of the steering and inspect them all for folds, kinks, or wearing away.
  • Check your hoses for any cuts, cracks, and leaks.

Bike Safety Tips

  • Be aware of any wet or slick roads, and alert for puddles that can cause you to lose control.
  • Always look for cracks and potholes in the road that could cause you to swerve and lose control of your bike.
  • Use your headlights during the day and at night.
  • Don’t tailgate or weave side to side.
  • Don’t drink and ride!

Get motorcycle insurance coverage you can rely on. Your policy will come with the support of a Yetter agent who is as eager to help you as you are to ride your bike.

  • Establish an insurance quote.
  • Ask questions about the claim process.
  • Get helpful tips about the care of your bike.
  • Get discounts so you can save the most.


Have a happy spring and talk to your Yetter Insurance Agent about the ways to keep your motorcycle insurance costs low. We’ll help make sure you get the best help possible. Contact Yetter Insurance today at our Milford office. Visit or call 570-296-8329.




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Care for your car; preventative maintence helps prevent auto accidents.

Car Care Month: Maintenance Tips to Keep Insurance Down

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Most of us welcome in the spring weather with the cleaning of our homes, offices, and garages, but did you ever think about the importance of your car? Since winter weather can put a beating on your car with all the slush, salt, sand and potholes, it’s important to undo these damages. As the seasons change, so does the maintenance requirements for your car. April is known as National Car Care Month. The following car maintenance tips for spring can help you protect yourself and keep your insurance premiums to a minimum.

So now you may ask, where does my insurance come to play? That’s easy, a well-maintained car could mean less accidents. Less accidents mean lower insurance premiums. Here are a few straightforward car maintenance tips to keep your insurance premium lower.


Oil should be changed on a regular basis, usually every 3,000 to 5,000 miles (recommended by mechanics), which helps prolong the life of your car. Although, the car make and model, and type of oil used, (synthetic, conventional, or high performance) will alter the number of miles between changes. There are many benefits of adding new, clean oil to your car, such as better gas mileage, your engine running more efficiently and less debris in your system.

Your brakes should be inspected regularly since your pads and shoes will wear and tear between every 20,000 and 60,000 miles, and eventually need to be replaced. When you are driving and have to step on the brake pedal, make sure you are paying attention to how the brakes feel and listen for any strange noises like grinding, screeching, clicking, or the car pulling to one side. Also make sure you are aware of any warning lights up on your dashboard.

Changing your tires and rotating them regularly is also important. If you are not sure when they should be rotated, the type of car model, usage, and tires will determine how many miles your car can go between rotations. Your car will operate better, your tires will last longer, and your gas mileage will improve if you have your mechanic change your tires from driver side to passenger side or front to back.

Your spark plugs are an integral part of your car’s motor, and if they are not checked with a regular service, cleaned, or changed when needed, they could cause major problems like choking the engine or causing the catalytic converter to fail. If your car is having trouble starting, the idling is rough, it jerks while driving, or gas mileage gets worse, then this mean it’s time for new spark plugs.

Keeping your car’s air filter clean and replacing it every 30,000-45,000 miles (depending on your car model) is also extremely important. Air filters are used to keep debris and dirt from entering, which can end up causing a bigger problem. Changing your car filter is another thing you can do on your own to avoid taking it to your repairman.

Make sure your brake lights, headlights, and taillights are always clean and working. It can be easy to change out your lightbulbs rather than taking it to the repairman, but make sure to do it as soon as possible.


Talk to your Yetter Insurance Agent about ways to lower your insurance costs regarding these car maintenance tips. We’ll help make sure you get the best help possible. Contact Yetter Insurance today at our Milford office. Visit or call 570-296-8329.



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Data Breach Insurance sold by Yetter Insurance Agency

Protect Your Business Against a Data Breach

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In today’s world, technology plays an enormous part when it comes to having a positive impact, but it also has its risks, like the risk of a data breach.

A data breach is when confidential information is stolen, copied, viewed, transmitted, or used by an unauthorized person. Since many businesses are doing their transactions online with a constant internet connection, you are more accessible to a data breach. This is not the only reason data breaches occur.  A common reason for data breach is due to employee mistakes and carelessness in business operations.

Data breach insurance helps to cover a variety of your liability and response expense losses.  Here are 10 things you can do to prevent a data breach from happening and safeguard your important information.

  1. Make sure all computers are secured by password protection and update passwords frequently. You should also keep multiple levels of passwords in order to access databases that are storing any kind of personal information.
  1. You should always make sure your important data is stored in an encrypted database. This is the process of converting data, within a database, in plain text format into a suitable algorithm. This may be costly and requires more storage space than unencrypted data, but it offers superior protection.
  1. You should also always make sure that your firewalls are up and secure. It is important that you have malware detection software active on all servers and workstations. These should be kept up-to-date!
  1. When you collect information, make sure to keep only what you need by minimizing the places you store personal data and retain only what is necessary.
  1. Educate your employees on what information is sensitive and what their responsibilities are when it comes to protecting that data. You can do this by providing a written policy about the importance of privacy and the security of data.
  1. The use of portable media, such as CDs, DVDs, and USB flash drives are more vulnerable to theft. You should only allow encrypted data to these portable storage devices.
  1. Never use social security numbers or client account numbers as employee identifications.
  1. All physical records should be locked in a secured location, with restricted access to only the employees who need to obtain personal data. The employees who are accessing this information should be given a background check beforehand.
  1. Before disposing of any private information, all paper files containing private information should be shredded, all portable media should be destroyed. If you are trying to delete files from your computer, or reformat hard drives, use a software design to permanently wipe the files clear.
  1. Lastly, call your Yetter Insurance Agent today to apply for data breach insurance coverage.

For a more thorough analysis of your risk exposures and what you can do to help minimize your exposure, talk to your Yetter Insurance Agent. We’ll help make sure you get the best coverage possible. Contact Yetter Insurance today at our Milford office; visit or call 570.296-8329.


Sources: Central-Insurance.comForbes

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Life insurance helps you plan for your family's financial future

Protect The Ones You Love With Life Insurance

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Life & Health Lines:

Major Medical
Short Term Medical
Low Cost Term
Universal Life
Retirement Annuity
Buy-Sell Life
Life Insurance Calculator
Life Insurance Information

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Let Yetter help protect your new car. Get auto insurance today.

Insurance Tips for Buying a New Car

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In addition to celebrating our nation’s leaders, President’s Day is a popular holiday for car dealers to hold big sales. If you’re getting yourself a gift for Washington’s birthday, you’ll want to contact your Yetter Insurance agent before stepping onto the car lot. Here’s why:


YIA-NL-2016.02.01-Car-Icon-BudgetIf you have a specific make and model in mind, ask us for an insurance quote so you can factor it into your budget. Check if the new car is eligible for any insurance discounts based on certain safety features or anti-theft devices.


YIA-NL-2016.02.01-Car-Icon-StopYou won’t be able to drive off the lot without insurance coverage. Making arrangements with your agent ahead of time can save you from scrambling to secure coverage while at the dealership.


YIA-NL-2016.02.01-Car-Icon-CalendarIf you have insurance on your existing car and you’re trading it in, your policy may cover your new car for up to 30 days. Ask your agent if your insurance company will provide coverage on your new car until you’re ready to make separate arrangements.


YIA-NL-2016.02.01-Car-Icon-CollisionIf you don’t have collision coverage on your trade-in and you’re financing a new car, the lending company will likely require that you add collision coverage to your policy.


If you’re buying a new car this President’s Day, or anytime of year, contact your Yetter Insurance agent to make sure your new ride is covered at the best rate.

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Make sure your business is protected with Workers Compensation insurance

10 Tips to Keep the Workplace Safe and Lower Costs

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Even though employment can contribute positively to a worker’s physical health, each year, many workers experience a work-related injury or illness. Not all industries are the same, so safety tips for work environments are different according to the type of work and potential injuries. Here are things you can do throughout the year that will help you keep your workplace safe and your workers’ compensation premiums low.

1. Safety procedures should be enforced. Having safety-training programs available for your employees and rules in the work place is a way of showing your employees you care for their wellbeing while keeping insurance costs down.

2. In addition to safety training programs, it’s just as important to review the safety policies with employees on a regular basis.

3. Train employees what to do in case of emergencies. Establish protocols for different types of emergencies, like fire, injury, or hazardous spill, and practice drills regularly.

4. Make sure that spills and other potential hazards are cleaned up immediately to avoid any slips or falls.

5. Allow your employees frequent breaks when necessary so you are not working them to the point of overexertion! Tired employees are more at risk for injury or to cause an accident.

6. Suitable training on how to use industry tools and materials should be done before employees start work. This could include proper lifting techniques for heavy objects and using all necessary safety equipment, such as goggles, gloves and respirators when necessary.

7. Listen to your workers about any concerns they may have on potentially hazardous processes and unsafe conditions. Assess the situation and consider what safety improvements can be made.

8. Reducing repetitive motion disorders can help keep premiums at a minimum in preventing workplace injuries. Here are a few ways to avoid this:

• Train your employees about the repetitive motion disorder risk factors in the workplace
• Include frequent breaks
• Vary tasks so that repetitive hand movements are alternated with other work
• Set reasonable deadlines

9. Keep a safety checklist with all potential hazards in your workplace in order for the managers to discover potential hazards.

10. Give an honest representation right away of what your employees do in their occupation to avoid the risk of cancellation after an “audit” or inspection.

Talk to your Yetter Insurance agent about ways to lower workers’ compensation insurance costs. We’ll help make sure you get the best help possible and will get you in contact with our loss control consultants to create an account with Grainger online Safety Manager. Contact Yetter Insurance Agency today at our Milford office. Visit or call 570.296-8329.


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Insure your expensive holiday gifts with Yetter Insurance Agency

‘Tis the Season to Insure Your New Gifts

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It’s that time of the year again for gift giving. If you know someone that made Santa’s nice list, or if you’ve been extra good this year, then don’t forget to insure your extra special gifts—from computers and jewelry to vacation packages and more. Many people don’t think about getting insurance on these gifts because they automatically assume their homeowners insurance will cover it, but that’s not always the case.

If You Give an Extra Special Gift

If you are giving someone an expensive gift this year, first consider your own insurance. Anything can happen from the time you purchase the gift until it’s safely under the tree. Suppose your car gets stolen with the gift inside while you’re at a gas station. Don’t assume your car insurance will cover this. You need to have what’s called off-premises theft coverage on either a homeowners or renters insurance policy for that gift you just purchased to be covered. Here’s another scenario: say you left the gift sitting in the attic of your house to hide it from the kids, and you end up having a house fire. Then what? It’s your homeowners or renters insurance policy that would cover you. The gifts are your property until you give them away.

If You Get an Extra Special Gift

The insurance coverage all depends on what kind of gift it is:


Jewelry is considered a valuable item that can be stolen at any given time. Many insurance policies have a relatively low liability limit for theft. There are three options when it comes to insuring jewelry.

  • Purchasing a jewelry rider will protect each individual piece of jewelry you own against damage and theft. Make sure each valuable piece of jewelry you own has an itemized value listed in the policy so there is no conflict if you have to make a claim. Keep all of the assessment paperwork with your policy.
  • You can increase the coverage for your jewelry by raising the limit of liability coverage. Raising the amount of liability coverage is the most cost effective option, but the amount you can claim for an individual item may be limited.
  • You can purchase floater policies for the jewelry, which can be more expensive, but provides broader protection.

Home Office Electronics

This is a huge area that is commonly underinsured in most homes. Make sure you tell your insurance agent about any expensive computers, TVs, stereos, game consoles, printers, or other devices, and see what coverage you currently have. Also, find out what type of protection is afforded by your homeowners or renters insurance policy before you have to make a claim.

Vacation Package

Travel insurance is a way to help ensure that you can be protected in the event of a flight cancellation, or any unforeseen costs while traveling. Travel insurance can even protect you in the event that you have to cancel your trip entirely. When you purchase travel insurance through Yetter, we can provide coverage for overseas medical expenses including emergency evacuation.

Talk to your Yetter Insurance agent about insuring these extra special gifts this year. We’ll help make sure you get the right coverage at the best rate. Contact Yetter Insurance today at our Milford office—visit or call 570.296-8329.



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Is your home protected from Winter Dangers?

Preparing for the Harsh Winter Weather Ahead

You know fall is almost over when the leaves start falling off the trees, you start to see frost on your windshield, and holiday shopping is on your to-do list. Whether you like it or not, you know winter is approaching. You’ve probably unpacked all your winter clothes and started taking out the decorations, but have you thought about winterizing your home and your automobile? If not, don’t let this scare you, there is still plenty of time to plan for the colder weather that’s ahead. Here are some tips for winterizing your home and automobile.

Winterizing Your Home

By following these tips for winterizing your home, you can prevent costly repairs down the road.

Begin with the outdoors. You want to clear the gutters and downspouts from debris to prevent them from leaking or sinking. You should then inspect your roof and repair any shingles that may look worn. After you’ve finished checking over your home, you want to inspect your grounds and trim any branches that may be a problem to the electrical wires. Finally, make sure you stock up on ice melt or sand.
Heating systems are extremely important, and you’ll want to make sure they are prepared. Have someone who is a certified professional in Heating, Ventilation, and Air-conditioning look over your furnace and clean your ducts. If your home has a fireplace, have your chimney properly cleaned and have firewood stored in a dry, accessible place where it will be easy to get on brutal winter days.
On top of your heating systems, you’ll also want to make sure your smoke and carbon monoxide detectors are ready. Install new batteries in each unit, even if the old ones are still functional, and test to make sure it’s working. FEMA advises testing each detector monthly and replacing the batteries at least twice per year. An easy way to remember this is to change the batteries when you change your clocks for daylight saving time in fall and spring.
Always plan for emergencies! Natural disasters do occur, which is why it’s important to create an emergency kit, and stock up on extra food and bottled water.
Winterizing your Automobile

Not only does your home need your attention before winter weather approaches, but your car does too.

If you reside in an area where temperatures drop below freezing, you’ll want to switch your oil over to thinner – less vicious – oil.
Have a mechanic do a thorough inspection on your battery, cables, terminals, and fluid.
To help protect your engine make sure you are using coolant with ethylene glycol.
If your tires aren’t up to the job of winter driving, it’s time to swap them out for snow tires.
Make sure you select a washer fluid with an antifreeze solution for clearing off the cold and heavy grime.
Just like your home emergency kit, you’ll want to create one for your car too! Some items in it should include a flashlight, blankets, boots, a radio, flares, engine oil, and coolant.
By preparing now, you can help prevent costly damage to your home and vehicles, and help protect your family in case of an emergency. Contact a Yetter Insurance Agent today to see how else we can protect your home and vehicle during the harsh winter months ahead. Visit or call 570-296-8329.


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